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Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

Watch RD Mentorship Program 23-24 Orientation Video

Watch our past CEU's and join us for upcoming CEU's!
Click the subheadings to view past CEU's on our YouTube channel!

Watch here: Enhancing Professional Development Skills
This session is an in-depth discussion exploring the different elements of building and maintaining  professional development skills. This presentation covers topics including how to establish meaningful relationships, how to handle conflict in an ethical/fair manner, and the value of effective communication skills. 
Watch here: Imposter Syndrome in the Dietetics Field
Our Spring Professional Development session by Matthew Landry PhD, RDN and Dylan Bailey MS, RD, FAND was on Imposter Syndrome in Dietetics.
Watch here: Cultivating and Sustaining Successful Team Dynamics
This session is an in-depth discussion of team dynamics, the importance of communication to ensure strong team dynamics, the tools needed to build better team dynamics, and strategies to we can use to overcome barriers!

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Watch here: Communication for the Modern World
Today, we are even more diverse and global than ever before. The world is becoming more diverse and we have neighbors from all over the world. We even have access and the means to communicate with individuals from across the continent through technology. Therefore, it is important to continue educating ourselves and being more self-aware with how we communicate, especially with individuals who have different backgrounds and ideas that we are not familiar with. Making these adjustments will allow improvement in our rapport, quality of relationships, and effective communication between mentors, mentees, and clients. 

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Watch here: Becoming an Exceptional Leader
This session will use personal experiences and leadership theories to identify the skills and attributes of an effective leader. Additionally, relational skills that elevate a leader to an exceptional leader will be addressed. Exceptional leadership is essential for success in a mentoring relationship. Participants will share and discuss ways exceptional leadership can be used to strengthen their mentoring relationships. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics leadership certificate programs will be presented as resources to further enhance leadership skills.

Watch here: Enhancing Communication in a Mentor-Mentee Relationship

This session is an in-depth discussion of mentoring partnerships, the importance of communication in a mentor-mentee relationship, the tools needed to build better communication, and strategies we can use to overcome barriers!

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