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Susan Cote, MS RDN

I have had some great students during the 3 years I have participated in the program. For the 2022-2023 year, the student that was matched with me was exceptional! Even though this was the last month, she wanted to continue to work on the project & was making suggestions to make improvements. 

Natalia Garcia,  RDN, LDN, IFNCP, CISSN, CHWC,


I have been a preceptor for about 3 years and have truly enjoyed all the experiences. Enriching experiences being a mentor and learning from interns. Putting our heads together to create and revisit projects and cases in the field of corporate wellness, private practice and functional nutrition. Students are eager to learn and I am passionate about teaching what I have learned throughout the years through experience.

Sandy Livingston, RD

I had a great experience because I was very fortunate to have an exceptional mentee who required very little guidance. She did everything asked of her and more.  Thank you very much for making this program available.  I hope my mentee enjoyed her experience as much as I did!

Brittany Graham, RD, LD/N

 I had 2 amazing mentees and couldn't be more happy with both of them and their effort to help!
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Dorothy Maslack, RDN

I like helping students and I know how difficult it is to find an internship. Plus I enjoy the help and the agreeableness of the students - young energy and knowledge. 

Amy Sindler, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE

I enjoyed helping my mentee search for programs and complete her application for graduate school.  It was also nice to learn about other DPD programs from the student perspective. Her contribution to my social media page was appreciated.  Overall it was great to form a new relationship and support a student! Thank you for the experience!
I appreciate the real-world experience I got, being guided through different challenges and having somebody there to bounce my issues against. I appreciated I could make mistakes without affecting others' health.

Rhesa Lawrence

Testimonial Video

Our participants reflected on their experience in the program and provided amazing feedback to showcase the benfits of participating in the RD Mentorship Program

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