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Mentor Tips

How to Get Started With Your Mentee

To begin, we suggest reaching out to your mentee within 24-48 hours after being matched. Start the conversation to determine the following:

1. When do you first plan to meet? How often do you want to                 meet?

2. Do you plan to meet on the phone, web meetings (Zoom, Skype,         FaceTime) or via email?

3. Set out your expectations from the get-go! (i.e. communication, email     etiquette, professionalism, HIPAA etc.)

4. Describe your area of dietetics and what project-specifics you need       help with (they may not remember from the application, there were a     lot of RDs from which they could choose)

5. What are their overarching or long-term goals in dietetics? (They           may not know)

6. What skills/background experiences might they have to help you?       Learn about your mentee and how to maximize their success in your     project together.

7. Set goals and expectations together by assisting the mentee in             completion of the mentor-mentee contract.

Other potential areas of discussion may be:

Dietetic Internship (DI) applications and the application process* 
1. Discuss the process of applying to DI programs and/or graduate degree     programs and/or specialty certifications
 provide guidance and professional tips for success. 

2. How to research programs
    – What are the characteristics of a good program (e.g. finances,                  reputability, location, etc.)?

3. Assist with application materials needed for your field
– read and offer guidance on their personal statement, CV, letters of             recommendation, etc.

4. How to contact potential advisors and get letters of recommendation

    – perhaps you might consider writing a letter of recommendation for              them after successful completion of the program

* Please contact Dr. Karen Beathard ( if you have questions or need assistance with DI match information.


1. Share your background, values, goals, and needs.

2. Talk about your very first job and other experiences that might enrich your mentee’s insight on RD internships, research, and the professional field. 

3. Talk about life as a dietetics student vs. dietetics professional.

4. Look at your mentee’s resume and cover letter and offer constructive criticism. The success of your mentoring relationship depends on you and your mentee. 

Other suggestions:

Be an active listener, a cheerleader, a compassionate supporter, and a role model.

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